About Us

NPFTV is the league-branded live streaming and video archived platform for National Pro Fastpitch. Since 2016, NPF has produced its original content of live game action, Draft, Championship Series and ancillary events such as player profiles, awards banquet, and pre and post-game shows. That content has been delivered to various platforms including MLB.com, The Olympic Channel, FloSoftball and Facebook. NPF regular season action, a total of 120 games in 2018, can all be viewed live or through a Video on Demand (VOD) portal on the league website and across various digital platforms. The VOD feature allows fans to search for any game that has already been streamed live, and play it back at any time. In 2018, NPFTV content will be distributed mostly through free platforms. NPFTV content is the property of the NPF and is produced through multiple means, including individual team production as well as league-managed production. Within these variances, depending on priority and platform, productions will vary from game to game. These variations will include the amount of cameras, camera angles, replayability, commentators, graphics and enhancement features. We believe it was an important and major step in 2016 to launch NPFTV, allowing fans for the first time in history to follow along with the action of every single regular season game. We appreciate your support as we grow NPFTV and continue to improve the product. Enjoy!